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Everything can be improved

Working with any team, I make defining problems and creating solutions that satisfy an enjoyable experience!

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A little bit about me

My name is Bridget Fields. I was born and raised in Philadelphia but I have lived in a number of cities and countries but currently call D.C. my home!

I really understood the different impacts government applications can have on the public when I returned from my peace corps service and used various state and federal sites. Experiencing for myself how easy or difficult it can be to navigate these sites made me want to go out there and improve the quality overall!

So I did what I could to be involved with technology.

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I enjoy public service.

I started as a peace corps volunteer in Panama and China and worked for GSA at 18F,, and CoE. I am passionate that the work I do has a measured impact around me!

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I'm a certified Scrum Master.

Certifications don't equate to knowledge, but I like to think that my professional experiences, training, and mentors have gotten me to a point where I have what it takes.

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I automate everything I can.

I love learning new things. Helping teams eliminate manual and rote tasks allows the specialists to focus on what they're best at doing, bringing all of us up with them.

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I never stop learning.

I never stop learning new things and love talking to anyone. Being able to empathize with people only comes from reading and experiencing all that this world has to offer.

Get in touch

I'm always happy to connect. If you have some interesting ideas or just want to chat, get in touch and I'm sure we can find time to meet!